Carboniferous Collapse

Le Mat, France, 2022
photos by Grégory Valton


ENE, Canada, 2022
in collaboration with Roberto Aparicio Ronda

C (Bargerveen)

Into Nature, biennial art expedition, Drenthe, the Netherlands, 2021

Possible Patterns

Variations in Earth, Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium, 2021
in collaboration with Grond Studio, photos by Cinzia Romanin

Sand (Lommel)

commissioned work in public space, Lommel, Belgium, 2020-2021
in collaboration with Roberto Aparicio Ronda

La Becque

Switzerland, 2019

Jan Van Eyck Academy

The Netherlands, 2019-2020


Niseko, Japan, 2019
in collaboration with Roberto Aparicio Ronda, photo by Yoshisato Komaki

Ritual Reality

Solo, Les Tanneries, France, 2018
photos by Aurélien Mole & Guillaume Blanc

Recursive Volumes (video stills)

Atelier Calder, France, 2018

Intruder (Stretched Cube)

Festival of Furure Nows, Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart Berlin, 2017

Baelo Claudia (video stills)

Performance, Cadiz, Spain, 2017


Cydonia Gallery, Texas & The Stable, Belgium, 2017

Floating Identity

Horst Arts & Music Festival, Belgium, 2016


Thread, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Senegal, 2016

Burning Mass (Blocks)

Aalst, Belgium, 2016

Obtrusive Object (Viridis and transitional indigo)

Extra City, Antwerp, Belgium, 2015

Fire Pit (Blocks)

Gantrisch, Switzerland, 2015

Stretched Cube (Spast)

Future Nows, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, 2014, Museum M, Leuven, Belgium, 2012

Complementary Volumes

Grey Sheep, Berlin, 2014

plan 2: octagonal prisms - reconstructing a column

Future Nows, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, 2014

Reflected Directions (Labyrinth)

Passages, North Station, Brussels, 2013

plan 4(1) (scale 1:2) - pigeon tower Lo

Lo-Reninge, Belgium, 2012
in collaboration with Roberto Aparicio Ronda

plan 4(4) (scale 1:5)

Ghent, Belgium, 2011

plan 4(1): 27 units (scale 1: 200)

Bortier Gallery, Brussels, 2010

Mäntsälä (27th of April, 4th of May, 25th of May, 31st of May 2008)

Finland, 2008